Enough is Enough – Vote YES.


As a Coventry City UNISON branch member, you should have received your ballot papers for the 2021/22 pay claim in the post recently, or you will receive one very soon. 

Our Branch is supporting the position of the national and regional union and urging members to vote Yes for Strike Action.  


UNISON knows going on strike is not something you do lightly. Your job is incredibly important, and people rely on you.  But your employer has made you, and other council and school workers, an unfair offer. 1.75% might sound like it’s better than nothing – but with inflation well above 3%, it’s a real-terms pay cut.

This year, every pound in your pay packet will really count. 

This comes after a decade of declining pay. The value of your pay is now 25% lower than it was in 2010!

Year after year, it’s been chipped away. Unless we say ‘enough!’, your pay will fall further, and those holding the purse strings will get away with it. 

It’s time to take action.   

We need as many members as possible to vote, over 50%, and we urge you to vote yes to strike.   

  • Inflation is increasing with everything from gas, electric, petrol, and food going up, they are increasing National Insurance and yet only want to offer 1.75%, it’s a huge slapdown given we have helped keep things going through the pandemic.
  • They are doing this whilst many MPs have second jobs with huge salaries, yet think it’s ok for council workers to get worse off year after year. 
  • A strong vote for strike action can force them to think again, they need to know we are serious about our pay.  

It is more important than ever that we build the strength of our union. We are asking all of our members one thing, ask at least one of your colleagues to join us in UNISON. If they join before the 4th of January, they will be entitled to vote in the ballot. 

No Ballot Paper?
If you have not received your ballot papers, you can call our UNISONdirect helpline from the 14th of December. The lines are open from 6am until midnight Monday to Friday and from 9am until 4pm on Saturday. Call them free on 0800 0857 857

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