As people who live, work and socialise in Coventry, we stand for a city that is based on principles of peace, reconciliation and respect. We are proud of Coventry’s reputation as a city that welcomes all, regardless of religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

We note that Britain First claim to be a ‘patriotic’ campaign group but in reality they are a splinter group from the BNP, with a track record of physical intimidation of Mosques during Prayer time. We are proud that our city does not have a reputation as a city where those who seek to divide us, such as the BNP, EDL and Britain First, are able to organise, terrorise and scapegoat. We are determined that this will continue to be the case. We defend the freedom of worship for those of all religions.

We therefore note, with major concern, that the Royal Warwicks Club, in Coventry City Centre has hosted a series of far right meetings in recent years and appears to have become a hub for fascist meetings and activity in the city.

We note that in August 2012 the Club was approached by representatives of local campaign groups and a local Councillor and agreed to sign a statement committing to equal opportunities and to no longer host meetings by far right organisations.

We note that in July 2014, the Club was visited by the President of Coventry Trade Union Council and was asked if they intended to host a planned meeting by Britain First on Friday July 18th. The Club Manager point blank denied this was the case.

We note that on July 18th, a small meeting was indeed held by Britain First at the Club and that photos of this meeting were published by Britain First on Facebook, confirming the venue. This confirmed that the Club had both breached their commitment of August 2012 and lied to Coventry Trade Union Council about their intentions.

We call on all Coventry people to refrain from attending the Royal Warwick Club and/or booking the premises for any social or business event. We call on all military charities to also refrain from association with this premises. We will work to ensure they are facilitated in alternative locations where they wish to deliver services or raise funds.

We call on the City Council to use its maximum powers to ensure the Royal Warwicks Club can no longer function as a hub for those who espouse racism and fascism to promote hatred and division in our city.

Signed by:
Darrall Cozens – President, Coventry Trades Union Council
Cllr Bally Singh – Chair of Communities and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Board, Coventry City Council
Cllr Ram Lakha – Chair, Coventry against Racism
Tony Conway – Coventry against Racism
Jane Nellist – National Executive – National Union of Teachers
David Kersey – Unite against Fascism – Coventry
Sandra Durkin – Secretary of Coventry and Warwickshire People’s Assembly (personal capacity)

Sean Leahy – Chair of Coventry & Warwickshire Unite Local (WM6050) Branch

Clive Dixon – Love Music Hate Racism – Coventry

Steve Akers – Regional Organiser – Unison West Midlands
Email your name and any position to  to add your name to this statement. Please indicate if you do not want your name to appear on public copies of the statement.



UNISON’s local government and school support workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are set to hold a second day of strike action on Tuesday 30 September.

The announcement follows the strike on 10 July, which saw around a million public service workers walk out in an increasingly bitter dispute over pay.

The union is calling on the Local Government Association to engage in further talks to resolve this year’s pay dispute. The current offer would see 90% of local government and school support workers receive a mere 1% increase, on the back of three successive years of pay freezes and below inflation rises in 2013 and 2014. Pay has declined by 18% since 2010 and most councils have also imposed severe cuts on conditions such as unsocial hours payments.


Ravi Subramanian, UNISON West Midlands Regional Secretary
Tel. 0121 685 3170 or 0790 434 3342

Simon Holder Area Organiser (Campaigns and Communication)
Email: Direct Line: 0121 685 (3105) Blackberry: 07946555174

Say No to Britain First



See below for info on Britain First and their links to the BNP etc.

Britain First came from a split from the equally fascist BNP. A sinister figure behind BF is Jim Dowson, former Bnp funder and longtime extremist. BF are aping the tactics of the EDL, in their aim to capitalise on Islamophobia. Their flash mob demonstrations and proposed ‘tour’ is reminiscent of past, brownshirted, stormtroopers. They are a tiny but provocative mob,.intent on hitting their way into the headlines. Their aims and intentions come amid a corrosive atmosphere of attacks on Muslims. At it’s extreme, such Islamophobia can lead to physical attacks on places of worship, as in Muswell Hill, last year. With many locals, Uaf rallied round to ensure that the community stayed united.
BF’s actions show what depths they will stoop to. Their claims to be on a Christian mission have brought strong criticism from Church leaders. BF are seeking to undermine our multicultural society. Instead of cherishing dialogue and tolerance between different communities, races and faiths, these fascists look to scupper it. Thus, defending Muslims and opposing Islamophobia is essential. Confronting the poison of BF is vital No section of our society should be scapegoated.
Uaf calls for the strongest possible action against such fascists. No Mosque should face a repeat of BF’s threats. Their politics and tactics are in direct opposition to our multiculturaL society. We reject their politics of hate and stand full square with all who BF target.

Visit for further info.






PRESS RELEASE – Coventry UNISON – After Last Weeks Strike – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


For immediate release

15 July, 2014

UNISON is hailing last week’s strike action by local government and school support workers as an overwhelming success, with more than one million public service workers reported to have attended picket lines and rallies in protest over this year’s pay offer. In Coventry hundreds of members of UNISON, GMB, UNITE, PCS, NUT and FBU joined a rally in Broadgate, followed by the march round the city, calling for a fair and just pay settlement for members. It was the first time in several years for the unions to come together and it was a resounding success.

It shows the strength of feeling in many areas of the public sector that enough really is enough. The government can afford to treat public sector workers better, when we have suffered more than half a million job losses since the coalition came to power. More work and less pay has become the employers’ mantra and it cannot continue.

The UK is the seventh wealthiest economy in the world, yet you wouldn’t believe it to listen to politicians. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cannot and will not stand idly by and continue to see the wholesale destruction of public services, our jobs and our pay that we work so hard for. It is as important to raise our placards and make our voices heard now as it was when the suffragettes did before us in their cause for the right to vote. 

For details of the pay campaign and future events, visit the national Unison Campaign page via or contact Coventry Unison via the above address or visit on the web via, our Facebook page at

Follow @coventryunison on twitter.

 Download the pdf here – july1514unisonpressrelease


Your Union Needs You! Please join our picket lines on July 10th


All members of Unison in Coventry have now been notified about the strike action that will be taking place this Thursday (10th July).

Unison will be joining our sister unions, including GMB and Unite, on picket lines on each Council workplace, followed by the joint rally in Broadgate at 10:15.

Please contact Branch Office (02476 550829) and let us know which picket line you are able to attend. We will then put you in touch with the relevant steward and add your name to the list of pickets.

All City Centre buildings will be covered and we hope that all Unison members who are able to will volunteer.

Please let your steward or branch office know if you still have any questions about the strike. It is very important that members respect the democratic mandate from the union and do not attend work, or carry out any work duties on Thursday. Please remember that ‘working from home’ is the same as attending the office and constitutes a breach of the democratic decision to strike.

This Thursday we can show our collective strength and work with our colleagues and the public to defend our pay and make the voice for quality public services loud and clear. Visit for further information.

In Solidarity

Coventry Unison.




Statement from Coventry FBU ref July 10th Strike


Firefighters in England and Wales will join hundreds of thousands of
other public sector workers taking strike action on Thursday 10 July,
the Fire Brigades Union has announced.

The long-running dispute over firefighters’ pensions will see a further
day of strikes at the same time as a walk out by local government
workers, teachers and civil servants over a range of issues, including
attacks on pay and pensions and workloads.

The strike will last between 10am and 7pm and will be the fifteenth in
the FBU’s campaign. The union is also expected to announce further
action later this week.

The FBU has wanted to settle our dispute for a long time, but the
government at Westminster is simply not listening.

We are therefore proud to take strike action alongside our colleagues
in other unions on 10 July.

The fact that this government has united so many workers to take strike
action against them is a testament to the failure of their policies.

They are destroying our public services and wrecking the lives of

If they won’t listen and won’t negotiate then this is the result — and
they should face more of the same if necessary.



BREAKING: FBU calls FIFTEEN short duration strikes between 14-21 July
in a serious escalation of pensions dispute. More to follow.