Protest against the Autumn Statement


George Osborne will annouce his Autumn Statement on Wed 25 November. They still plan to cut billions from the welfare bill, to privatise our services and to drive millions into poverty.

PROTEST 5PM – Wednesday 25th November, Broadgate, Coventry

Called by Coventry & Warwickshire Peoples Assembly

Unison General Secretary Elections 


Coventry UNISON at a branch committee meeting debated on all the candidates for General Secretary and voted to nominate Heather Wakefield, she is currently the Head of Local Government for UNISON and we believe is the person to lead UNISON forward. Over the years we have seen a sustained attack on member’s jobs, terms and conditions. UNISON has not focussed strongly enough on these issues or fought hard enough for our members. We believe that Heather is the best candidate in this fight.
Members are free to choose the candidate they believe will lead the union best.


George Sands

Unison Coventry City Branch Chair