NEC Elections – Ballot papers are being sent out! Please Use your vote!


All UNISON members will be receiving ballot papers from 3rd April for elections to the leadership of UNISON. The National Executive Council (NEC) is elected by members to speak on our behalf. It is really important that we vote in these elections as it helps shape the direction of our union.

Your Branch Committee has discussed who we would like to nominate.  We agreed that we believe the following candidates will best represent the interests of ordinary members facing attacks on workplace conditions and pay, the continuation of austerity and attacks from politicians seeking to divide people facing cuts by scapegoating people on grounds of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, disability status, religion and more.

We also believe these candidates will fight for democracy and accountability to be defended and improved within UNISON. The Branch has therefore decided to support the following nominations:

Dave Auger – West Midlands Male Seat

Shazziah Rock – West Midlands Female Seat

Rose Brown – West Midlands Female Seat

Andrew Berry – Disabled Members General Seat

Pam Howard – Disabled Members Female Seat

April Ashley – Black Members Female Seat

Hugo Pierre – Black Members Male Seat

Jane Doolan – Local Government Female Seat

Andrea Egan – Local Government Female Seat

Paul Gilroy – Local Government Male Seat

Paul Holmes – Local Government General Seat

Josie Runwick – Young Members Seat

NEC members are elected by all members of UNISON via a postal vote. Members elect candidates to represent their region and their service group. There are also additional seats for Black members and young members. As with all other UNISON elections, the union’s principles of “proportionality and fair representation” means that some seats are reserved for women and low-paid members, so that the make-up of the NEC fairly represents the wider union. Elections take place every two years, with members receiving a ballot paper with a prepaid envelope to return it to an independent scrutineer (an independent person who checks the ballot is fair and counts the votes).

Results are usually announced around one month after the voting deadline.

Thanks, Sarah Feeney, Branch Secretary, Coventry City UNISON