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Union Street News Issue 13 – Branch Magazine of Coventry City Unison. Articles on learning opportunities for Unison members, facility time and why it is important, the Trade Union Bill and more.. Do have a read and why not send us an article or review for the next issues.


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Union Street News Issue 13



Message to Members – Union Street News


There is a huge amount going on, we have a lot to do as a union. Nationally there is a real mood of resistance in the air. Up to 100,000 marched for Workers Rights and against Austerity in Manchester. Huge numbers are joining the Labour Party and discussing how to fight back in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Leader. In Coventry City Council we have major challenges to face, while many employees in smaller public service workplaces face huge uncertainty. So – a couple of suggestions…

Please think about a contribution to the next issue of Union Street News, this could be a Conference Report, opinion piece on almost any issue. It could also be recipes, photos, review of cinema or music, anything that might be of interest to a member of Unison. Please let us know if you can write something and ask how we can help. Union Street News is your platform, let’s make it a really lively read for all.




The main trade unions of the City Council, UNISON, UNITE, NASUWT, NUT, CYWU and ATL are locked in a dispute with the City Council who are determined to attack workers’ rights to representation in the Council.
They are seeking to remove experienced, trained Union Reps by August 2015 in a rushed so called “consultation” process. 

Richard Harty, speaking on behalf of the Trades unions in dispute said “We are dismayed that a Labour controlled Council would seek to go further than a Conservative Government and more quickly.”

A steward who recently supported members said “I couldn’t work without the support of our full time reps with their expertise and knowledge”.

We are assuming that this is being done to clear the way of any opposition to attack council workers terms and conditions.

Today it is the Trade Union Reps. Tomorrow it’s the Council Workers.

We need more people to join a Trades Union to show support for our cause and defend workers’ rights!!
Contact: Richard Harty on 07941344294 and David Cairns on 07983481672;  

Unison Elections – Use your Vote!


Important Information from your Branch

 Unison members will soon be receiving ballot papers through the post for elections to the National Executive Council (NEC) of our union. The NEC is a very important body made of members from across the country and has a big impact on the direction of our union.

Please do not bin your ballot paper! Turnouts in these elections are normally very low but it is our union. We should all make sure we have our say in how the union is run. The NEC elections are a good chance to do this.

The election runs from 7th April 2015 until 15th May 2015. If you have not received a ballot paper by 14.04.15 please call Unison Direct on 0800 0 857857

For information purposes your branch nominated the following candidates;

West Midlands (Female seat) – Sharon Campion

West Midlands (Male seat) – Dave Auger

Local Government (Female seats ) – Jane Doolan, Phoebe Watkins

Local Government (Male seat) – Glenn Kelly

Local Government (General seat) – Paul Holmes

Black members (Female seat) – April Ashley

Black members (Male seat) – Hugo Pierre