Dear Unison Member.

We are writing to remind you that you have a friend at work. UNISON, your trade union, is the best friend you could have in good times and in bad.

As a member of Coventry City Branch you are part of the biggest recognised trade union within Coventry City Council.

We are aware that you may have been approached by another trade union with the suggestion that you join them. This goes against the agreed practice of trade unions not to poach members of sister unions and we ask you to tell us if this happens to you.

We believe the most valuable thing you receive when you join UNISON is not a free mug, pen or stress toy, not even promises of what we think we can achieve for you, it is

  • The best representation available to employees, from qualified experienced representatives.
  • Membership of a democratic branch where everything we do is decided by members
  • Membership of a fair branch that has equality for all at its core, putting words in practise
  • Membership of a strong branch that fights to protect individual and collective rights at work and for public services to our city.

There are many big issues in local government at the current time, and we are in no doubt harder times are to come.  UNISON Coventry is involved in all of these issues, negotiating in your interests and representing your views and protecting your rights at work.

Your continued loyalty is appreciated by your colleagues and those who represent you: The more members we have the more effective we can be, and together the stronger our voice is.

Please get in touch with any Branch Officer if you have any concerns about your membership, the representation we offer or if you have been approached by another trade union.

Yours in Solidarity

George Sands,

Branch Chairperson,

Coventry City Unison

PRESS RELEASE – Coventry Unison to Build and Support city wide Campaign against Trade Union Bill



Coventry City Branch of Unison is deeply concerned that:

  • For the first time, employers will be able to break strikes by bringing in agency workers to cover for strikers. This could have big safety implications, lead to worse public services, and will undermine the right to strike.
  • The Bill proposes huge restrictions on peaceful picketing and protests.
  • The Bill proposes attacks on union reps in the public sector, restrictions on how unions collect and spend our money and lots more unnecessary red tape.This week the chief executive of Thompson’s Solicitors told MPs the Trade Union Bill is “unlawful, unwarranted and unworkable” . In his evidence to the Trade Union Bill Committee, Steve Cavalier said it appeared the Bill had been designed specifically to make it difficult, if not impossible, to take the necessary steps to comply with its provisions. He said: “It is an unwarranted ideological attack on internationally recognised rights in this country.”UNISON Coventry City Branch spokesperson Richard Harty said. “Not only is this a moral outrage and direct attack on trade union members in the UK and workers’ fundamental human rights rights, we now have a definitive response from Employment Lawyers that this is unlawful”. Unison in Coventry will work with our sister unions in the City Council, the Coventry TUC, other trade unionists and the public to ensure the campaign against this Bill gathers momentum. For details of our campaign work and future events contact Coventry City Unison via the above address or visit on the web via, our Facebook page at
  • Follow @coventryunison on twitter.

Message to Members – Union Street News


There is a huge amount going on, we have a lot to do as a union. Nationally there is a real mood of resistance in the air. Up to 100,000 marched for Workers Rights and against Austerity in Manchester. Huge numbers are joining the Labour Party and discussing how to fight back in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Leader. In Coventry City Council we have major challenges to face, while many employees in smaller public service workplaces face huge uncertainty. So – a couple of suggestions…

Please think about a contribution to the next issue of Union Street News, this could be a Conference Report, opinion piece on almost any issue. It could also be recipes, photos, review of cinema or music, anything that might be of interest to a member of Unison. Please let us know if you can write something and ask how we can help. Union Street News is your platform, let’s make it a really lively read for all.