It is Time for Decent #Pay..


It Is Time for Decent Pay…

We are all very aware of the cost of living crisis – we feel it every time we go to the supermarket, fill up the car with fuel or get our latest utility bill through the door.

This crisis is one of the worst in recent history – and it is not helped by our pay decreasing in real terms by a staggering 27% since 2010. We, along with other workers in the public and private sector, kept things going during the pandemic but according to our employers and the government are not worthy of having enough money to live a decent life.

Even just on the question of the cost of gas and electricity, how do the powers that be expect us to survive when the prices go up as expected in the Autumn and early 2023.

It doesn’t have to be like this – and UNISON is determined to do something about it.

There is nothing in this situation that we should just sit back and accept. During the pandemic, the number of billionaires in this country alone hugely increased.
UNISON, with the other local government unions, have put in a claim for a flat £2k increase or the current rate of RPI, whichever is greater.

Disgracefully we are still waiting for the employers to respond to our claim (the pay award should have started in April 2022) – we hope to hear very shortly from them. If as expected they fall short of our claim, we will need to act. We will need all members involved to do their bit and help us build the fight for pay justice.

Other unions are taking action including the RMT, Communication Workers Union, and even barristers in our courts. As a delegate to our recent UNISON said: if our pay doesn’t rise, then we will.

Four things we can all do to build for our claim:

  • Put Wednesday 10th August, 5pm in your diary. There will be a members meeting on the pay situation – more details to come
  • Check out this special page on our national website for resources, updates, and information
  • Make sure the union has up-to-date details in terms of your home address, phone number, and contact email address, see ‘Strengthen our Union’ below on how you can do this.
  • Recruit a workmate to UNISON. Shows them this email and urge them to join us.

If we act together, we can force the change we need