PRESS RELEASE -‘Fundamental Questions Not Answered’ – UNISON responds to City Council ‘Connecting Communities’ Proposals


Coventry City UNISON has responded with deep concern to the recent ‘Connecting Communities’ proposals from the City Council. UNISON believes proposals will severely impact specific groups of Coventry residents such as children, older people and black and minority ethnic origin (BAME) people. It is unclear how the proposed ‘transformation models’ are sustainable ways to deliver crucial services. People will lose access to local facilities – with many older people and children not having the ability to visit a library within easy distance of their home. Those losing face to face access to local libraries to learn and use a computer could be seriously disadvantaged in their ability to receive crucial services as they are increasingly being delivered via IT dominated facilities in Coventry city centre.

UNISON Branch Secretary, Sarah Feeney, states ‘this proposal could have a disastrous effect on young people in our city. We will cease to deliver meaningful services to most young people. It is imperative that the remaining provision should be strengthened and not cut’.

The documents themselves are opaque. It is of great concern that there are so many questions still left unanswered. In some cases, these are large fundamental questions such as what the service will look like and which partners are involved? UNISON believes that this proposal should be withdrawn and that the consultation should be done when a clear model of what will happen is available to be consulted upon.  For copies of our full response visit our website.

Download the press release in pdf format here..dec1516unisonpressrelease

Communication to UNISON Members Regarding Cuts Proposals



UNISON members will be aware from staff briefings, as well as reports in the press, that Coventry City Council plans to make further enormous cuts (£36m over three years).

Your union is very disappointed with these cuts proposals (or ‘savings’ as they are referred to in the official documentation) which are going to hit our members and the people of Coventry hard. We believe this will have a wide ranging negative impact on the jobs we provide and seriously affect the services that the citizens of Coventry rely on. We are also concerned that the Council has talked about looking at our terms and conditions.

Your UNISON branch will be formulating our response – we ask for your support in this and to look out for UNISON meetings to attend in the New Year to discuss, plan and organise the best way to defend our jobs and services .

In the meantime we urge you to contact us or your local steward if you have ideas about our response. We also need more members to come forward and become stewards – get int ouch for a discussion and more information.

Please contact Branch Office (see top of page for contact details) with any suggestions or enquires.

Thanks, Sarah Feeney, Branch Secretary, Coventry City UNISON

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The 2017 UNISON AGM will take place on Friday 3rd March, 2017 7PM @ EGO, Cook Street,Coventry, CV1 1JN.


Coventry City UNISON branch invites all our members and supporters to think about getting more active in the union. UNISON is a lay member led union. It is important that you get workplace representation.Thanks, Sarah Feeney, Branch Secretary, Coventry City UNISON

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#Coventry people Campaign for connected Services


Members of Coventry City UNISON were joined by anti cuts activists, members of the public and delegates from Coventry Trade Union Council to rally for connected services for Coventry residents. The event took place outside the Central Library at noon on Saturday 3rd Decembers

Members of the public queued up to sign the petition in defence of libraries and were very keen to get involved. A petition by the Save the Library Campaign is due to be handed in to the City Council at 1pm on Monday 12th December. Visit the Save the Libraries Campaign Facebook page for more info  img_4401


The ‘Connecting Communities’ consultation includes proposals which will hit libraries, children’s centres, youth services and nursery provision. New proposals from the City Council now threaten an additional £36m of cuts over three years with many vital services now under threat. It is hard to see how the proposals actually play a role in ‘Connecting’ our communities.

UNISON will continue to campaign for our high quality public services to be delivered by Council staff, accountable to elected Members and to the public we serve. Contact for more information on how to get involved….