Stop Britain First -NOT Welcome in Coventry




The Event against Britain First is going ahead on Saturday. This is despite media reports that the BF meeting has been cancelled. BF themselves are still insisting that their meeting is still on so we will be making it very clear that they are NOT WELCOME in Coventry. Please tell everyone you know, meet 1.00pm at Belgrade Square (note change of time). See you there!




Letter sent to Coventry Telegraph regarding Cllr Williams’ comments on immigration and Enoch Powell


Cllr Williams, we would like to express our full support for the position taken by Coventry Council’s two most senior local politicians with regard to the comments you have made.

Your comments are frankly a disgrace to our city, to the people who live here and to the name of public service. Our city was built from ground up by people whose backgrounds are from all over the world. Our union members are proud to deliver services to all these Coventry residents. From our music, to our social life and in every workplace we live and breath multiculturalism.

When Enoch Powell made his notorious ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968 the result was a vicious carnival of reaction, abuse and hatred in this country. That speech is therefore a hated memory for very many in our city to this day. The direct beneficiaries of your ‘hero’s’ divide and rule game included the violent fascists of the National Front. By 1976, the NF won nearly 20% of that year’s local election votes in Leicester. In the 1979 general election, the NF fielded 303 candidates, polling 191,719 votes.

As you must be fully aware Cllr Williams, the wannabe political descendants of the NF, Britain First, are threatening to meet in Coventry at the end of this month. As you must also be fully aware their thuggish counterparts in the EDL also attempted to march in our city just over a month ago.

Cllr Williams perhaps you need to reflect on the relationship between political power and responsibility. Perhaps you need to consider the parallels between your arguments and the weasel words of these fascists about their ‘rights’. What about the rights of people to live without fear of racist abuse, hate crime, violence and threats. What about their freedom of speech Cllr?

Our contention is that the real problems – jobs, housing , education and loss of vital services are nothing to do with ‘multiculturalism’ but everything to do with the vicious austerity programme implemented by the party in government you support. Divide and Rule is the oldest trick in the book and you have been rumbled.

George Sands
Branch Chair
Coventry City Unison

No More Austerity – No to Racism


Dear all
There will be a coach from Coventry leaving from outside Coventry Sports Centre on Fairfax Street at 9.00am, Cost will be £10 or £5 unwaged.
We usually aim to leave London for the return journey at around 4.30pm.
Could you please let Branch Office know as soon as possible if you want to book places. Email or phone 02476 550829
More details of the demonstration can be found here:
Please share, we will circulate the leaflet asap.
In solidarity

Solidarity with #NUT


Message to Coventry NUT from Richard Harty, UNISON Corporate Negotiator.

Dear Jane

 On behalf of Coventry City UNISON I would like to offer our support and solidarity to the NUT industrial action.

 The attacks on schools finances have sought to undermine the Education system in this country. We need to prioritise Education and Learning as a route to tackling the real inequality in this country. We need well paid and motivated Teachers and Support Staff to deliver this. Attacks on staffing levels will only lead to further decline. Invest in the future!

 We wish you well in your strike and hope that the Government will actually listen!!

 In Solidarity

 Richard Harty

Tel: 024 7652 1125


NUT Industrial Action


28 June 2016

Dear Colleague


NUT Industrial Action

The NUT have announced that they are calling on their members to take strike action on 5 July in response to the threat to the pay, terms and conditions of teachers, linked to funding.

The DfE has sent revised guidance to schools on industrial action.

This guidance is non-statutory. Schools do not have to heed the guidance.The guidance advises schools that;

‘Cover supervisors, or teachers who are employed wholly or mainly to provide cover and are not taking industrial action themselves, can be directed to provide cover during industrial action.’   

UNISON does not agree with the DfE’s interpretation of the ability of schools to direct staff to undertake duties of striking colleagues and members should continue to follow UNISON advice.



UNISON respects the rights of other trade unions to take industrial action and supports the NUTs action. We urge members to support legal protests and rallies organised by the NUT that take place outside your contracted hours of work.

However UNISON members in schools have not been balloted for strike action or action short of strike action and are therefore advised to continue with their normal duties and responsibilities.  Nonetheless, UNISON members should not take on any additional responsibilities being given to them directly as a result of the teachers’ industrial action.

School support staff should not be expected to provide cover for or take classes, where this would normally be done by teachers who are taking action. In particular, Higher Level Teaching Assistants or cover supervisors should only be taking classes or providing cover where they are contracted to do so, it is timetabled or part of their normal duties. Staff should not be moved from the duties they would normally have carried out in order to cover classes and frustrate the industrial action of colleagues. Members who are under pressure to cover should contact their UNISON rep, branch or region for further advice and support.

Members are reminded that due to industrial relations legislation only those employees who have been involved in a legal ballot are allowed to take industrial action.