Valentine Message from Coventry Unison


Coventry Unison enjoyed sharing a romantic message for Valentines Day. A message of love for the Public Services we deliver.

Sarah Feeney, Unison Branch Secretary, said¬†‘Over the last few years our services have been under constant attack from the government, the rich and from sections of the media For Unison members this has only made our resolve even stronger. Our social care, education, street cleaning, housing support and hundreds of other public services are no fleeting romance for those who need them’.

Unison members and officers will be aiming to help our love story to have a happy ending. Hundreds of members have signed our giant Valentines Card to our Council Members. We have told them that our love for public services is based on real commitment and pride.

Our branch officers toured Council buildings collecting signatures in the run up to Valentines Day. Let’s ask the Council and Government to give some commitment and affection to the services Coventry people need.