It is Time for Decent #Pay..


It Is Time for Decent Pay…

We are all very aware of the cost of living crisis – we feel it every time we go to the supermarket, fill up the car with fuel or get our latest utility bill through the door.

This crisis is one of the worst in recent history – and it is not helped by our pay decreasing in real terms by a staggering 27% since 2010. We, along with other workers in the public and private sector, kept things going during the pandemic but according to our employers and the government are not worthy of having enough money to live a decent life.

Even just on the question of the cost of gas and electricity, how do the powers that be expect us to survive when the prices go up as expected in the Autumn and early 2023.

It doesn’t have to be like this – and UNISON is determined to do something about it.

There is nothing in this situation that we should just sit back and accept. During the pandemic, the number of billionaires in this country alone hugely increased.
UNISON, with the other local government unions, have put in a claim for a flat £2k increase or the current rate of RPI, whichever is greater.

Disgracefully we are still waiting for the employers to respond to our claim (the pay award should have started in April 2022) – we hope to hear very shortly from them. If as expected they fall short of our claim, we will need to act. We will need all members involved to do their bit and help us build the fight for pay justice.

Other unions are taking action including the RMT, Communication Workers Union, and even barristers in our courts. As a delegate to our recent UNISON said: if our pay doesn’t rise, then we will.

Four things we can all do to build for our claim:

  • Put Wednesday 10th August, 5pm in your diary. There will be a members meeting on the pay situation – more details to come
  • Check out this special page on our national website for resources, updates, and information
  • Make sure the union has up-to-date details in terms of your home address, phone number, and contact email address, see ‘Strengthen our Union’ below on how you can do this.
  • Recruit a workmate to UNISON. Shows them this email and urge them to join us.

If we act together, we can force the change we need


Message to #Coventry City #UNISON Members


Keep Updated…

Please would you check the information that we hold about you and your job is correct and let us know if there are any amendments to be made. 

It is vital that your payment band is correct; this is based on your salary. An incorrect payment band could affect your UNISON membership. 

It is also extremely important for us to have your correct email address so we can contact you about issues affecting you.

You can call us on 02476 550829 or check and amend the details we hold by visiting

If you know of any colleagues who have not received this email, encourage them to join UNISON or, if they are a member, get in touch so we can update their details. 

For confidential advice or support, please get in touch.

UNISON Communication – Ensure you receive the £150 #energy rebate


Many of you will have heard that households in Coventry will receive the £150 payment to go towards rising energy costs. UNISON are very clear that this barely scratches the surface and what we need is a proper pay rise to combat the cost of living. That said, we do want to ensure that every member gets the help that is there for them.

For Council Tax payers who pay by direct debit, the £150 should already have been sent out and you should have received it. If you do not pay by direct debit, the Council have provided information about how to proceed. According to the Coventry City Council website about 53,000 households will have to make an application.

We advise members to visit

UNISON would also like to thank our members who are involved in administering this scheme.

There For You – UNISON Welfare Charity


There for You is UNISON’s Welfare Charity which supports members experiencing financial hardship.

In the last year There for You has provided direct support to more than ten of our members, dealing with issues related to ill health, unemployment, disability, domestic abuse, withholding of pay and homelessness.

We have provided them with access to food banks, emergency financial grants, debt advice including negotiations of repayments and support with legal processes, benefits advice, bereavement advice, advice on support for carers, advice on visa applications, and financial support for basic living expenses, house moving costs, school uniforms, Christmas gifts.

Find out more via

Coventry City Branch UNISON – Motion on #Ukraine passed at Branch Committee – March 2022


This branch condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has already resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and a growing refugee crisis. We call for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military from Ukraine.

Inherent in the situation is the risk of even greater escalation which could result in a catastrophic loss of life and widespread destruction.

We oppose the invasion of Russia into Ukraine – we also oppose the expansion of NATO through central and eastern Europe which has inflamed the situation. We will also oppose any NATO intervention in Ukraine.

As a public sector union, we send our support to all trade unionists and workers within Ukraine, many of whom will be continuing to carry out their jobs in extreme conditions. We support attempts by the trade union movement in Ukraine to continue organising whilst recognising that the Zelensky government is not a friend of trade unions nor minorities.

Despite the terrible situation and facing substantial intimidation and danger, we show our complete solidarity with those within Russia who have taken to the streets in over 50 cities against Putin and the war, with at least 10000 protestors being arrested for speaking out against the war

We also show our solidarity with independent trade unions in Belarus and Russia who have issued anti war statements.

Unlike every government involved in this war – the trade union movement seeks to unite workers across and within national boundaries – we call for the unity of working class people in Ukraine and Russia. We defend the right of self determination for all in the region. Against nationalism and war we stand for internationalism, working class unity and solidarity.

The Tory government has once again shown its utter hypocrisy – pretending to stand for ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ yet barely taking in any refugees. Refugees should be welcomed and not subject to a tortuous process that puts up barriers – with full access to welfare, housing and with the right to work. Furthermore Johnson criticises Russia – yet is trying to bring in the PCSC bill that would see a clampdown on the right to protest and demonstrate.

We also condemn politicians such as Keir Starmer who have attempted to paint those who oppose the war and oppose NATO as supporters of Putin. This witchunting atmosphere represents a clampdown on the democratic right to free speech and enables racism against ordinary Russians living in the UK and elsewhere, as well as increasing the threats against anti war campaigners. We also note that Zarah Sultana, MP for Coventry South, has received death threats and been labelled as ‘Putin’s whore’. We condemn these abhorrent threats on Zarah Sultana and the anti war movement

We recognise that ‘hard hitting economic sanctions’ in fact impact on ordinary working class people the most in both Russia and the UK through higher fuel and food prices for example. We see how in countries like Iraq where sanctions were introduced against Saddam Hussein, that it was ordinary Iraqis who suffered the most. We support workers’ action against the Russian and NATO war machines.

Our branch resolves to:

  • Support protests against the war in Ukraine and further escalation. We need a mass anti war movement here in the UK and across the world.
  • Send messages of support to workers and trade unions that have taken action against the war
  • Where possible seek to make links with trade unions in the region
  • Make a donation to the international trade union appeal as publicised by UNISON
  • Seek to make links as appropriate with local communities impacted by the war and where applicable help the call for donations of goods to send to Ukraine
  • Send this motion onward to relevant bodies

Message to #Coventry City #UNISON Members – KEEP UPDATED..


Please would you check the information that we hold about you and your job is correct and let us know if there are any amendments to be made. 

It is vital that your payment band is correct; this is based on your salary. An incorrect payment band could affect your UNISON membership. 

It is also extremely important for us to have your correct email address so we can contact you about issues affecting you.

You can call us on 02476 550829 or check and amend the details we hold by visiting

Coventry City #UNISON Branch #AGM!


Although Coronavirus restrictions have now been lifted, we know that some members are still concerned about the risks of Covid. Therefore, we will be holding our AGM virtually for members again this year.

At the AGM you will hear reports from the senior representatives in the branch, ask questions and discuss how you would like the union to work over the coming year.

There has never been a more important time to be involved; it is not too late to consider being a contact for where you work or a steward. Why not get involved and add your voice to our branch? We are stronger when we join together and ask that you help by talking about UNISON with your colleagues and asking them to join – Together we are stronger!

The AGM will take place on Friday 11th March 2022 starting at 5.30 pm. A link for the meeting has been sent out to all members on our mailing list. If you are a member of our branch but have not received the email please phone 02476 550829 or email

Attending the Meeting…

We look forward to seeing as many of our members as possible at the AGM. To attend it, you will need access to a laptop or desktop computer. If you would like to discuss how to do this or other options for attending, including dialing in to the meeting via a phone, please call us on 02476 550829


Coventry City UNISON

#Coventry City #UNISON win back pay owed to members


UNISON Coventry City have just had a great victory for our members at Lower Ford St.

The employees, who are mostly grade 2 or 3, have not been paid properly for bank holidays since they came onto CCC terms and conditions in 2017. Coventry City UNISON became aware of this last month.

It is now confirmed that all those whose pay has been missed will receive payment. Coventry City UNISON are pleased for members there, particularly those who are on the lowest grades. Our corporate rep and branch secretary were happy to be involved in resolving this issue.

Coventry City #UNISON Members employed in private care settings – #Vaccination as a condition of Deployment (VCOD)…


During the consultation, UNISON was very clear that we do not agree with mandating vaccinations – which should always be voluntary. However, on 14 December 2021 Parliament agreed to regulations to mandate vaccination as a condition of working in further care settings. Guidance on how these regulations apply to any other Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated activity in health and social care was issued on Thursday 20th January.

If you work in an organisation that delivers CQC-regulated activity this will apply to you. Your employer is obliged to ensure that all staff in scope are doubly vaccinated on 1st April. As the last date to access a vaccination to fit in the timescales is 3rd February, your managers should be having supportive conversations around your vaccination status and your options if you are not vaccinated. If you are unvaccinated and are not medically exempt, pregnant, or on maternity leave, you may face dismissal from 1st April.  

UNISON expects that your employer should seek to redeploy you, where possible, to avoid dismissal. Please contact the branch as a matter of urgency if you require advice about your individual circumstances or support in your conversation with management. 

UNISON remains extremely concerned about the impact that the VCOD policy will have on numbers of staff leaving the care sector. Our National Officers have raised, and continue to raise, these concerns with policy makers and politicians.
Further Reading…


#Coventry City UNISON – Member Update on Unite Strike Action in Coventry City Council


Unite Strike Action…

Coventry City UNISON are aware that a number of service areas are trying to take action to alleviate the impact of the bin drivers strike. We have had contact from multiple members who are concerned that what they are being asked to do may undermine the lawful industrial action being undertaken by UNITE.

The branch is aware that there will be a variety of views amongst our membership on the action taken by Unite but we are clear as your Trade Union. It is unacceptable of managers to ask you to do the work of a striking colleague. If this is happening to you, we would urge you to get in touch with us to discuss your concerns. We will support you to tell your manager that your union has given clear advice: you should not be doing the work of a striking colleague. For the avoidance of any doubt, this would be about being told to collect domestic rubbish, moving rubbish around the city – whether it be from your workplace or a household.