PRESS RELEASE -‘Fundamental Questions Not Answered’ – UNISON responds to City Council ‘Connecting Communities’ Proposals


Coventry City UNISON has responded with deep concern to the recent ‘Connecting Communities’ proposals from the City Council. UNISON believes proposals will severely impact specific groups of Coventry residents such as children, older people and black and minority ethnic origin (BAME) people. It is unclear how the proposed ‘transformation models’ are sustainable ways to deliver crucial services. People will lose access to local facilities – with many older people and children not having the ability to visit a library within easy distance of their home. Those losing face to face access to local libraries to learn and use a computer could be seriously disadvantaged in their ability to receive crucial services as they are increasingly being delivered via IT dominated facilities in Coventry city centre.

UNISON Branch Secretary, Sarah Feeney, states ‘this proposal could have a disastrous effect on young people in our city. We will cease to deliver meaningful services to most young people. It is imperative that the remaining provision should be strengthened and not cut’.

The documents themselves are opaque. It is of great concern that there are so many questions still left unanswered. In some cases, these are large fundamental questions such as what the service will look like and which partners are involved? UNISON believes that this proposal should be withdrawn and that the consultation should be done when a clear model of what will happen is available to be consulted upon.  For copies of our full response visit our website.

Download the press release in pdf format here..dec1516unisonpressrelease



The 2017 UNISON AGM will take place on Friday 3rd March, 2017 7PM @ EGO, Cook Street,Coventry, CV1 1JN.


Coventry City UNISON branch invites all our members and supporters to think about getting more active in the union. UNISON is a lay member led union. It is important that you get workplace representation.Thanks, Sarah Feeney, Branch Secretary, Coventry City UNISON

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UNISON support for members who are EU Citizens


Hi All

For info, please find links available for you to get support and advice from your trade union. Do contact UNISON Coventry City branch if you have any queries.

There is currently:

a Right to Remain campaign and legal advice document produced jointly with JCWI

a Facebook group

a page on UNISON’s website on tackling prejudice and xenophobia (including leaflets which can be ordered)

UNISON are also organising regional and other local meetings on issue.  To find out more information on this please contact

We hope this is a useful start and we will organise an update for you in the new year, as work progresses.

Coventry City UNISON


Pay – Strike Ballot Goes Ahead


We are about to be balloted by our national union over this years pay offer. This follows a 70% rejection of the offer by those consulted by UNISON Local Government branches up and down the country.

In Coventry, the indication was that 77% respondents wished to reject the local government pay offer, and 33% wished to accept. This indicates a clear majority of respondents wished to reject the offer. Coventry Unison will be campaigning to reject the offer and support strike action if necessary.

The pay offer would mean around 50,000 of the lowest paid local government workers receive a rise that is slightly above inflation. The remainder of the workforce – around 90% – would receive just 1%. 

Coventry Unison wishes to thank all members and Stewards who assisted with the consultation process and every member who responded with comments and suggestions around the pay campaign. We will now give you very regular updates on the pay ballot and outcomes as we move forward.

We have already endured three consecutive years of pay freezes, followed by below-inflation rises in 2013 and 2014, leaving our pay reduced by almost 20% since the Coalition came to power.

UNISON’s Head of Local Government, Heather Wakefield, said: “Our members have made it clear that this pay offer is the straw that breaks the camel’s back …they have used this consultation to send a strong message that it is insulting.”

Paul Hunt, Assistant Branch Secretary, Coventry Unison, said:  “This pay offer is another pay cut in real terms. It is a complete slap in the face for our hard working members, who keep vital public services going, whilst being under constant threat of both redundancy and further cuts to local services. The employer has left us with little choice. We urge all members to reject the offer in the formal ballot”.



Please talk to your steward and get the latest information from Unison about the pay claim.

Please copy this Hotline and make sure you and your colleagues attend any meetings we organise. Lets fight to end poverty pay in local government.

Phone 02476 550829 for info.


Read Our Press Release here – april2514unisonpressrelease