Protest at the Tory Party Conference




Victoria Sq, Birmingham | 29 September| 11.00am

Ahead of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, join thousands of ordinary workers as we march to call time on failed austerity and instead to campaign for a new deal for working people.

Our message could not be clearer. There is an alternative:

  • We need a minimum wage of £10 an hour, now.
  • Ban those exploitative zero hours contracts.
  • Fund our NHS and public services properly.
  • Repeal the trade union act which makes it harder for us to stand up for working people.
  • Crack down on tax dodgers who starve our schools and hospitals of funding.

Together – we can build a growing economy for the many not the few. Together – we can nurture a society free from sexism, racism and discrimination. And together – we can win the New Deal working people are crying out for.

Let’s get to it.



Coventry UNISON to support 1st July demonstration in London


No More Austerity!



At our recent branch committee, we agreed to support the national demonstration in London called by the People’s Assembly. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for people to take to the streets. Theresa May thought she could call an election and was guaranteed a thumping majority, however ordinary people in this country have shown that we are sick of austerity, pay freezes and cuts to our public services.

The march will begin at the BBC and finish at Parliament Square.

Coventry TUC are organising cheap transport to this demonstration. We urge as many members as possible to attend.


£6 waged, £2 unwaged/low waged. To book seats contact email or text 07970294237 with name, email address and phone number.

Download the flyer here – hotline220617

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