Message to our #Members – Thank you! And have a happy and safe #Christmas.


This year has been a truly different year – from our AGM, which was only just prior to lockdown, we seem to have been in a distanced workplace.  The word unprecedented is used on a far too regular basis but the year, has been truly unprecedented and so many of you, our members, have gone above and beyond in your workplaces and services to ensure the best for the people of Coventry.

We know it’s been a really tough year and the branch has seen so many issues from dealing with COVID cases through to the major adjustments of working at home and the impacts on mental health for so many people.

We want to thank you, our members for everything you’ve done, and we also want to pledge that we won’t stop fighting for you at work.  Whether that is on health and safety grounds, pay, or other issues, we want you to know that we have your back.

As a branch team made up of brilliant workplace reps, seconded officers, our amazing caseworker, and incredible administrator, we’ve worked in new and different ways and it’s been a learning experience, and at times a technical challenge, for all of us.  We know that many of you have also faced these challenges with generally the same good humour tinged with exasperation that we have.

On the health and safety front, it’s never been clearer that being in a union is the best protection you can have.  From high-level schools work, service areas to individual concerns we’ve raised many of them on your behalf and forced employers to change their practices from the early days of COVID.  Whilst many employers are still not perfect, we’ve worked hard to make the changes you’ve all needed.

To finish I just want to say thank you again on behalf of Coventry City Branch to all of you; as carers, public sector workers, schools workers, you’ve all been brilliant while coping with the unknown.

We would like to wish all of our members a happy and safe Christmas.

Sarah Feeney

Branch Secretary

Message from UNISON West Midlands – Branch Education Team – #Learning Opportunities for #UNISON Members


If you are interested in any of the courses simply go to our website and once you have registered you can apply online. Or if you prefer you can contact the Regional Education Team and we can advise you of other ways to apply. 

UNISON understands that this is a difficult and challenging time for our members. We want to help as many members as possible learn new skills that will help them in both work and their personal lives. The support of a UNISON courses or learning resource could play a vital role in helping you to take the first step to a better future and year for us all in 2021.

Best Wishes

UNISON West Midlands

Regional Education Team

COVID-19 – Update for Members in Schools…


UNISON is seeking clarity from the local authority about receiving updated risk assessments where schools have experienced a COVID incident.

If you have experienced a COVID incident and are not clear about any changes to processes and procedures as a result of the incident please get in touch with us.

PAY CLAIM – Important Update for UNISON members


The Coventry City Branch of UNISON is asking all members to respond to the pay claim by voting on the offer. You should have received an email in with a link to allow you to respond and vote on the proposal. If you have not received this email please contact your local steward or branch office via the phone number or email address at the end of this message.

With a 20% loss in real pay since 2010 and with the effects of austerity on our workloads, we believe that our members deserve better than the employers offer.

Please watch our pay briefing if you didn’t see it on Monday evening and then take part in the ballot…

Please let other members in your office know that we would like them to respond on this very important consultation and if you know people that are not Trade Union members then please encourage them to join UNISON and have their say.

Whilst there is no recommendation from the NJC committee about which way you should vote the branch believes that it is not a good deal for members.


UNISON, Coventry City Branch
02476 550829

PRESS RELEASE – Coventry Libraries – An Express service to nowhere?


Coventry City UNISON condemns the Proposals for Libraries in the public consultation which was undertaken by the library service from 19thNovember to 23rdDecember 2018.

The proposals were to;

  • Remove all hard copies of newspapers and magazines;
  • Open Central as an express model from 9-11 and on Sundays;
  • Remove overdue charges for late return of books for children ages 8-16;

What an express model would look like for service users was not detailed.

What was not consulted on, either by staff or the public, was to introduce single staffing in four libraries – Aldermoor, Caludon Castle School, Canley and Coundon.

UNISON have a major concern over the safety and wellbeing of the staff and users of the libraries if they were single staffed.

This in a time when a Coventry Violence Summit was called on Monday 28thJanuary as victims of serious violence has increased by 17.4 per cent from 2017 to 2018. There has also been an increase of 16.7 per cent in knife crime.

These current levels of violence have been branded “unacceptable” by Martin Reeves.

What does the council see as the purpose for a library? It’s hard to see in the proposals.

The proposed annual cost saving alone of £319,000 for libraries is less than the ‘clean up’ costs for the Godiva Festival at £460,000. The Godiva festival is a wonderful thing for Coventry, and so are libraries which are open and available all year round.

Libraries should be at the Heart of our community, not marginalised and under resourced.

People use then for all sorts of reasons and especially in times of austerity they are more valuable than ever.

The Libraries Taskforce set up by Central Government said;

Libraries are open to everyone. Their staff understand their community’s needs and are trusted to provide reliable guidance and support on a wide range of issues when people need help. They provide a vital role in helping public services reach out into communities.

They bring people together in vibrant community hubs which host local events and provide a shared sense of place for their users – something that is ever more important in an increasingly digital age”.

This is yet another nail in the coffin to a vital asset when we have been awarded the City of Culture 2021. Our Libraries can and should help to further develop the immense cultural and diverse asset which our members and the people of this great city deserve.

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Mental Health in Coventry City Council – Update to Council Staff


Meetings identify significant issues around Mental Health & Wellbeing in Coventry City Council

UNISON has held two meetings with staff in recent weeks to discuss the impact of mental health on the workplace, how issues have been with by the employer and what other steps might have been taken to address them.

We wish to thank all those who attended the meetings.  Staff gave the union a big insight into the depth of the issues and concerns that people have.  For some this may not have been easy.  We really appreciate the input we have received.

UNISON will now be considering the information we have received, identifying any common themes, and making arrangements to establish a working group with members.  The working group’s task will be to come up with specific actions for the employer which could improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.

Together we can be better. Join UNISON today to help us fight to end discrimination.

Download this statement – hotline281118


Coventry City UNISON

Exciting, Free Training Event for school support staff


This offer is open to all support staff. It will be of particular interest to UNISON members, given that it concerns opportunities available through UNISON. We suggest interested parties contact us at the earliest date. Places are limited. While we were able to secure funding for this event, we don’t know if, or when, we will be able to do this again.

We have taken the unusual step (for us) of running this on a weekend. We know staff are busy at work and may have to juggle family commitments as well during the week. And the lead up to Christmas can be stressful. So to sweeten the deal, we are offering refreshments and a draw for shopping vouchers, so participants have the option of combining the event with their Christmas shopping.

We look forward to receiving expressions of interest in attending as per the contact details on the poster.


In the meantime, we are still accepting bookings for Stars in our Schools events in schools and star nominations for a national prize draw. Contact us if you need further details of these.

Unity Demonstration – No to Racism. No to Fascism – November 17

Transport details: Coaches provided by Unite the Union.
Phone their regional office to book seats by ringing West Mids Reg Unite office: Sallie Aspindale 0121 647 4832 / or email
Alternatively people can book via the web address or scan the code on the flyer.