UNISON and Unite have been in talks with representatives of the Coventry City Council regarding their Workforce Reform Programme.

At today’s meeting UNISON and Unite have requested that the discussions are paused because of the following concerns.

  •  Throughout the meetings the authority seemed to be engaging in consultation rather than negotiation.
  •  Issues regarding inequality and discrimination in the workplace have not been prioritised as part of the planned discussions even though they are fundamental to policy and procedure.
  •  No evidence has been presented that the proposals will address the financial issues or the inequalities suggested as a reason for the changes.
  •  The teaching trade unions have been marginalised by the timing of the discussions.

UNISON and Unite are as committed as ever to fight inequalities in the workplace and to negotiate with the employer to protect the terms and conditions of our members. We await the employers’ response and will update you in due course. In the meantime if you have any concerns or comments please contact your respective trade union.

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Solidarity with #NUT


Message to Coventry NUT from Richard Harty, UNISON Corporate Negotiator.

Dear Jane

 On behalf of Coventry City UNISON I would like to offer our support and solidarity to the NUT industrial action.

 The attacks on schools finances have sought to undermine the Education system in this country. We need to prioritise Education and Learning as a route to tackling the real inequality in this country. We need well paid and motivated Teachers and Support Staff to deliver this. Attacks on staffing levels will only lead to further decline. Invest in the future!

 We wish you well in your strike and hope that the Government will actually listen!!

 In Solidarity

 Richard Harty

Tel: 024 7652 1125