Dear Unison Member.

We are writing to remind you that you have a friend at work. UNISON, your trade union, is the best friend you could have in good times and in bad.

As a member of Coventry City Branch you are part of the biggest recognised trade union within Coventry City Council.

We are aware that you may have been approached by another trade union with the suggestion that you join them. This goes against the agreed practice of trade unions not to poach members of sister unions and we ask you to tell us if this happens to you.

We believe the most valuable thing you receive when you join UNISON is not a free mug, pen or stress toy, not even promises of what we think we can achieve for you, it is

  • The best representation available to employees, from qualified experienced representatives.
  • Membership of a democratic branch where everything we do is decided by members
  • Membership of a fair branch that has equality for all at its core, putting words in practise
  • Membership of a strong branch that fights to protect individual and collective rights at work and for public services to our city.

There are many big issues in local government at the current time, and we are in no doubt harder times are to come.  UNISON Coventry is involved in all of these issues, negotiating in your interests and representing your views and protecting your rights at work.

Your continued loyalty is appreciated by your colleagues and those who represent you: The more members we have the more effective we can be, and together the stronger our voice is.

Please get in touch with any Branch Officer if you have any concerns about your membership, the representation we offer or if you have been approached by another trade union.

Yours in Solidarity

George Sands,

Branch Chairperson,

Coventry City Unison