Facilities Dispute with Coventry City Council – Draft Letter to MP’s


Dear (Your MP), I am writing to you regarding the disgraceful decision of the Labour council to directly attack facility time and trade union rights at Coventry City Council.  As a Labour member, I hope you understand the reason why staff need to access skilled reps to deal with workplace issues. This is a fundamental, democratic right.
Are you aware that in the current climate of endless change: restructuring of staff, increasing workloads, job insecurity and micro-management, stress levels have never been higher and pressure on us to reach targets unrelenting?

This is the time we need more support, not less from our trade unions.

I find it appalling that Labour Councillors, many of whom are trade union members themselves, are embarking on this course of action.  I have come to expect the right-wing, anti-union, message from the Tories, UKIP; Taxpayers Alliance etc. because all they ever see is what they believe to be savings to the taxpayer.  They clearly have no understanding of how industrial relations work or the ‘real savings’ that facility time brings as studies carried out have shown.

If your party remain insistent on forcing through these unnecessary and undemocratic changes, I fear that the relations between Labour and the trade union movement in the City (and more widely) will become seriously damaged.  It is Labour’s job to fight the Conservative government’s cuts both locally and nationally: not to attack the trade unions (some of which pay into your party coffers) and represent many of your supporters.

I hope that you will support the joint trade unions in opposing these measures and join with us to convince Councillor Lucas that this is a serious error of judgement.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name and address here)

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