Notification Of Industrial Action – NEW STRIKE DAY WILL BE OCTOBER 14TH 2014



Council and school workers voted for strike action for fair pay.

Local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland voted for action after rejecting the employers’ pay offer of just 1%. The first strike day took place on 10 July. Now a second strike will happen on Tuesday 14 October.

Once again. Unison is co-ordinating the action with the other local unions involved. We will be organising picket lines on all Council workplaces, to be followed up with a rally in Coventry City Centre (details to be confirmed).

Please ask all your colleagues to respect the democratic decision made by  Unison  members to take strike action and do not cross our picket lines on the day.

Anyone with questions about the action can speak to your local steward or phone Branch Office – 02476 550829 – email


Four Reasons to go on Strike 

  1. We can’t afford another pay and pension cut

The current government offer leaves most workers with pay worth almost 20% less than in 2010. Falling pay also means loss of pension for the rest of your life.

  1. We are worth fair pay for the work we do

Our pay and conditions are the worst in the public sector – from top to bottom.

  1. Taking another pay cut won’t save jobs and services

Despite a pay freeze, 1,000 further jobs cuts are planned by Coventry City Council. Services continue to be stripped to the bone, privatised or stopped all together. There’s no reason to believe a pay cut will stop this.

  1. All this will continue unless we act now

Low pay is bad for workers and bad for the economy. That’s why politicians from all parties are calling for an end to low pay. Many local government workers rely on benefits to pay bills. Right now, the taxpayer is subsidising local government to pay poverty wages.



PRESS RELEASE – Coventry Local Government Workers ‘Locked Out’ of Recovery



Click here for the Press Release – locked out press release

Local government workers in Coventry are not benefitting from the recovery.

UNISON is holding a lunch time protest on 20th August at 12.30 pm in Broadgate Square.

This will be to highlight the colossal cut in wages council workers have suffered in recent years. While the highest paid are enjoying bumper pay rises, council employees have to cut back on food, heating and bare essentials.

Since 2010 electricity prices have risen 28% and gas prices have risen by 38%. In the same period council employees’ wages have risen by 2%.

With 1,000 jobs cut already, and another 1,000 to go this year, council workers are expecting to do more for less, while struggling to feed themselves and their families.

UNISON’s members are being locked out of the recovery and need a decent pay rise, to support them and their local economy.

Contact: Chris Burrow 02476 521126 for info

Twitter hashtag for the event will be #lockedout

Unison reacts to the announcement of a further 1000 jobs to be slashed



Members of staff will have received emails and heard in the press the latest plan from the Council to slash another 1000 of our jobs.  As we have stated many times, Unison are completely opposed to job losses, attacks on our terms and conditions and cuts to the vital public services that we provide (and use) as citizens of Coventry.

We keep hearing about the so-called economic ‘recovery’.  It may be a recovery for the rich, but where is our recovery? – Councils up and down the Country are still slashing jobs and services used by working people.

It is extremely disappointing that once again our elected Councillors are choosing not to stand up for the people of Coventry, but are choosing to implement the cuts from central government.

As well as the job losses, Unison is extremely concerned that there could be future attacks on terms and conditions and that decimated services would be ripe for either privatisation or complete closure.

We have been contacted by a number of members regarding the ER / VR programme who have questions about what has been communicated by management regarding the so-called ‘50% enhancement’.  

We would hope that management clarify any queries that members may have.

In the meantime, Unison stewards and officers from across the Council will be meeting in the next two weeks to discuss what our response should be as a trade union.  We will be having discussions about how we protest against these appalling cuts.

Please let your local steward know your views on the current situation.  If your area does not have one please consider becoming a Unison rep.

It is very important that we recruit non-members to Unison to enable us to have a stronger voice, so please speak to any colleagues in your workplace who are not members and encourage them to join Unison

Visit for further information.

In Solidarity

Coventry Unison.




Unison’s NJC Committee met yesterday to consider plans for industrial action, following the strike on 10 July and its earlier decision to follow this with further action on 30 September.

The Committee agreed that maintaining unity between the three local government unions – GMB, Unite and UNISON, other sectors within UNISON and other public sector unions is crucial to achieving an improved pay offer for our members.

The NJC Committee therefore agreed not to proceed with strike action on 30 September and to seek approval from the Industrial Action Committee for all-out strike action on 14 October. This has the agreement of GMB and Unite and will coincide with the week of action planned by the NHS unions over pay.



UNISON’s local government and school support workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are set to hold a second day of strike action on Tuesday 30 September.

The announcement follows the strike on 10 July, which saw around a million public service workers walk out in an increasingly bitter dispute over pay.

The union is calling on the Local Government Association to engage in further talks to resolve this year’s pay dispute. The current offer would see 90% of local government and school support workers receive a mere 1% increase, on the back of three successive years of pay freezes and below inflation rises in 2013 and 2014. Pay has declined by 18% since 2010 and most councils have also imposed severe cuts on conditions such as unsocial hours payments.


Ravi Subramanian, UNISON West Midlands Regional Secretary
Tel. 0121 685 3170 or 0790 434 3342

Simon Holder Area Organiser (Campaigns and Communication)
Email: Direct Line: 0121 685 (3105) Blackberry: 07946555174

PRESS RELEASE – Coventry UNISON – After Last Weeks Strike – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


For immediate release

15 July, 2014

UNISON is hailing last week’s strike action by local government and school support workers as an overwhelming success, with more than one million public service workers reported to have attended picket lines and rallies in protest over this year’s pay offer. In Coventry hundreds of members of UNISON, GMB, UNITE, PCS, NUT and FBU joined a rally in Broadgate, followed by the march round the city, calling for a fair and just pay settlement for members. It was the first time in several years for the unions to come together and it was a resounding success.

It shows the strength of feeling in many areas of the public sector that enough really is enough. The government can afford to treat public sector workers better, when we have suffered more than half a million job losses since the coalition came to power. More work and less pay has become the employers’ mantra and it cannot continue.

The UK is the seventh wealthiest economy in the world, yet you wouldn’t believe it to listen to politicians. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cannot and will not stand idly by and continue to see the wholesale destruction of public services, our jobs and our pay that we work so hard for. It is as important to raise our placards and make our voices heard now as it was when the suffragettes did before us in their cause for the right to vote. 

For details of the pay campaign and future events, visit the national Unison Campaign page via or contact Coventry Unison via the above address or visit on the web via, our Facebook page at

Follow @coventryunison on twitter.

 Download the pdf here – july1514unisonpressrelease


Your Union Needs You! Please join our picket lines on July 10th


All members of Unison in Coventry have now been notified about the strike action that will be taking place this Thursday (10th July).

Unison will be joining our sister unions, including GMB and Unite, on picket lines on each Council workplace, followed by the joint rally in Broadgate at 10:15.

Please contact Branch Office (02476 550829) and let us know which picket line you are able to attend. We will then put you in touch with the relevant steward and add your name to the list of pickets.

All City Centre buildings will be covered and we hope that all Unison members who are able to will volunteer.

Please let your steward or branch office know if you still have any questions about the strike. It is very important that members respect the democratic mandate from the union and do not attend work, or carry out any work duties on Thursday. Please remember that ‘working from home’ is the same as attending the office and constitutes a breach of the democratic decision to strike.

This Thursday we can show our collective strength and work with our colleagues and the public to defend our pay and make the voice for quality public services loud and clear. Visit for further information.

In Solidarity

Coventry Unison.