UNISON Communication – Ensure you receive the £150 #energy rebate


Many of you will have heard that households in Coventry will receive the £150 payment to go towards rising energy costs. UNISON are very clear that this barely scratches the surface and what we need is a proper pay rise to combat the cost of living. That said, we do want to ensure that every member gets the help that is there for them.

For Council Tax payers who pay by direct debit, the £150 should already have been sent out and you should have received it. If you do not pay by direct debit, the Council have provided information about how to proceed. According to the Coventry City Council website about 53,000 households will have to make an application.

We advise members to visit https://www.coventry.gov.uk/news/article/4229/households-to-receive-150-energy-payment-in-april

UNISON would also like to thank our members who are involved in administering this scheme.

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