COVID-19 Update for #UNISON Members in #Coventry City Branch


In light of the Prime Ministers’ announcement of the latest lockdown, we would like to update you on what we are doing to support you in the workplace.

For Council employed staff we have requested an urgent meeting to discuss with the employer steps that need to be taken to keep staff safe during this lockdown.

We intend to review by service area management expectations but we would ask that members update us regarding any communication and response that may have been received in response to these new concerns.

With the development of the new strain of COVID all risk assessments and VERAs should be reviewed to ascertain what additional steps may need to be taken.  The key message is if you can work from home you should do so.  We will support any member, wherever they work, who wishes to raise concerns about being asked to attend an office location unnecessarily

For non-council members, we are aware that many of you continue to work in front-facing roles that do not allow working from home. Your employer should be reviewing risk assessments in the workplace and sharing them with you to ensure your safety. If you are a vulnerable employee who has concerns about shielding we urge you to talk to your employer about furlough and if you need further support to get in contact with us.

Our national website is regularly updated with information and advice for all members in all sectors and is well worth checking if you have a query.

For school-based staff, we continue to meet with the local authority on a regular basis and keep raising our concerns over safety and workplace practices. The new lockdown comes in no small part due to the activity of our trade union and others over the past week. There is a further guide available for those who work in special education.

Should any member be struggling financially during the period please do get in touch; however, we will be sending out further communications in the next few days about the support you can get from UNISON.

We have proved this week that together we are stronger and the activities of our members can and do effect positive change. If your colleagues are not members then encourage them to join now at or if you know of any members who have not received this email please ask them to get in touch and update their contact details with us.


UNISON Coventry City Branch

Call us on 02476 550829
email us at

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