Message to our #Members – Thank you! And have a happy and safe #Christmas.


This year has been a truly different year – from our AGM, which was only just prior to lockdown, we seem to have been in a distanced workplace.  The word unprecedented is used on a far too regular basis but the year, has been truly unprecedented and so many of you, our members, have gone above and beyond in your workplaces and services to ensure the best for the people of Coventry.

We know it’s been a really tough year and the branch has seen so many issues from dealing with COVID cases through to the major adjustments of working at home and the impacts on mental health for so many people.

We want to thank you, our members for everything you’ve done, and we also want to pledge that we won’t stop fighting for you at work.  Whether that is on health and safety grounds, pay, or other issues, we want you to know that we have your back.

As a branch team made up of brilliant workplace reps, seconded officers, our amazing caseworker, and incredible administrator, we’ve worked in new and different ways and it’s been a learning experience, and at times a technical challenge, for all of us.  We know that many of you have also faced these challenges with generally the same good humour tinged with exasperation that we have.

On the health and safety front, it’s never been clearer that being in a union is the best protection you can have.  From high-level schools work, service areas to individual concerns we’ve raised many of them on your behalf and forced employers to change their practices from the early days of COVID.  Whilst many employers are still not perfect, we’ve worked hard to make the changes you’ve all needed.

To finish I just want to say thank you again on behalf of Coventry City Branch to all of you; as carers, public sector workers, schools workers, you’ve all been brilliant while coping with the unknown.

We would like to wish all of our members a happy and safe Christmas.

Sarah Feeney

Branch Secretary

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