COVID-19 Message for @coventrycc City Council employees


For Council employees, the corporate message received is that although buildings may be opening and steps being taken to open more, this does not negate the overarching message which is “if you can work from home, you should continue to do so”.

Whilst individual services and managers may be considering how a return to the workplace can be made safe, the question to be asked is “why”? What circumstances dictate that the increased risk is necessary? Your managers should have contacted you and UNISON well in advance to discuss any changes to the current working practices.

Services for vulnerable people are reopening with stringent measures in place to ensure safety: these include a reduction in capacity, use of PPE where necessary, temperature checking, and ensuring all are vigilant for symptoms.

All steps taken by employer to ensure COVID safety, should be regularly reviewed and immediately if any concerns are raised or issues arise.

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