Reply ref Schools Email


My name is Sarah Feeney and I am the branch secretary for the Coventry City Branch of UNISON. I wanted to contact you personally following on from your tweet earlier today.  First of all, I would like to apologise if the tone of our latest schools email caused you upset, it was meant as a light hearted email to highlight, as we have previously, where received risk assessments have not been received from schools.  It is a legal requirement that the risk assessments are shared with Trades Unions and it is vitally important that we have the chance to read them and ask for any amendments on behalf of staff. It is also important that we communicate to members where schools have and have not provided their risk assessments so members know if their Trade Union has been see them or not. Keeping members safe is our top priority. 

We do not feel that we were suggesting your SLT had in any way failed to look after you during this time; it has been the case for some other schools where members of staff had copies of the risk assessments and were able to forward them on to us.  We have had no concerns raised about your school’s support during this time.  

I am more than happy to arrange to speak to you in person about this however, I genuinely wanted to tell you that we did not mean to cause any offence nor give any implication of failure to your SLT.

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