Coventry City UNISON motion ref Transphobia


Coventry UNISON passed the following motion at our Branch Committee meeting last week.

This Branch is alarmed that the Morning Star produced a transphobic cartoon in the 18th February edition of its newspaper.

The cartoon made a comparison between Trans people and animals that endanger other animals.

It is unacceptable that such a newspaper would adopt such a stance which directly attacks the Trans community and society in general.

It is not acceptable that the Morning Star, which is supported by our own union, can also give an apology after the event as if it had no prior knowledge of the actions it had taken by producing such a cartoon.

We expect more from a newspaper that purports to support the Trade Unions movement. Trans people are part of our movement and an injury to one is an injury to all.

We call on UNISON to suspend any financial support for the Morning Star until the union is satisfied that the paper’s views are in line with the aims of UNISON on this issue.

The Morning Star published a statement on this issue later on Thursday. This is available via


Coventry City UNISON

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