PRESS RELEASE From Edgwick Play Centre Campaign


On Saturday 30th January we will be having a rally outside Edgwick Play Centre at 12:00pm, followed by a demonstration outside the council building 2 hours later at 2:00pm. This is to try to help prevent the closure of our play centres. Our local schools including St Elizabeth’s and our local police centre are determined to help us keep this open, and have spoke out with their concerns if they are to be closed. We hope to have them attend our demonstration too.

My children Kimberly, aged 11 and Rhian, aged 7 will be affected by the closure of the centre. Kimberly is now at secondary school and her favorite thing to do is to play football, which if not for the play centre, she would rarely be able to do this as she feels unable to join the boys at her school to play, and her girl friends at her school do not play football. Rhian has built up a lot of confidence since she started going to the play centre. When she first went she would not speak to more than a few children. Now she speaks to several children there, and even joins in with games such as musical statues, which when she first started she would not have done. I am very concerned with the safety of the park if the play centre closes, as the staff there report any suspicious activity that they witness to the local police.

Here are other quotes from parents, using their own words.

Lucy O’Donoghue’s child Saskia goes to the play centre states: “The closure of the play centre will have a very big negative affect/impact on our family. I am a single mum with no transport and limited resources, my daughter is an only child and play centre provide a safe positive, multicultural, tolerant environment for her to play, trips to go on”. 

Lisa Archrar whose children Adriam and Mishara go to the play centre says: “It will mean I would be unable to ework to provide for my family”.

Salma Begum’s child Muhammed goes there says: “There will be nowhere to go. If parents need to go to work children will be able to know that child(s) is/are safe without having to worry”. 

Roxanne Richmond’s child Olivia goes to the play centre says: “The play centre has a huge impact on Olivia’s social skills and enables her to mix with the children from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnic groups; This enables her to become more confident and has brought her lots of new social skills”. 

My daughter Kimberly said: “Most of these kids like me, have made brilliant friends ans has helped with socialisation. It’s so sad”.

Please note I have attached some quotes to the email and would like to invite you to attend the rally and demonstration so you can see for yourselves how much we want to keep this play centre open.

 Yours faithfully,
 Simon Evans.

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