Important information regarding pay claim consultation – ballot papers going out.


Over the next few days Coventry City Unison members on national terms & conditions will be receiving ballot papers regarding the current pay claim from April 16. The employers are offering us a paltry 2 per cent deal over 2 years (1 per cent per year). Bearing in mind that a report out today from the TUC shows that in the West Midlands average pay in real terms is worth £38 per week less compared to 2008 and when there is more stress and pressure in the work place UNISON feels this is not good enough.

There will be full information included in the covering letter with the consultative ballot paper. You will see that the recommendation from UNISON (and our colleagues in UNITE) is to reject the deal.

In a slight change to the norm, as well as being able to choose whether to accept or reject – those choosing rejection will also be able to tick up to 3 boxes. These are reject with – all out strike action, selective action, action short of a strike.

Your local reps would recommend the offer is rejected and all three boxes are ticked. This will give more strength to our negotiators to try and get a better deal.

Remember this is a consultative ballot, not an industrial action ballot. We need all members to respond whatever your view is so the national union can get an accurate picture of what we as members think.

**  If you have recently changed address and/or would like to update email/phone contact details, please email our branch office – so your records can be updated.  This will allow us to keep you fully informed of what’s going on at Coventry City Council. **

As ever any comments or questions get in touch.

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