Solidarity from Coventry City Unison to Greek public sector workers


This Wednesday members of the Greek public sector union federation, ADEDY, will take part in a 24 hour general strike against the brutal austerity measures that are being proposed by the EU, IMF, European Central Bank and sadly accepted by the Greek government as part of the ‘bail out’ deal agreed earlier this week.
The deal will include mass scale privatisations, devastating job losses, increases in VAT (which will hit working class people the most) and will do nothing to help ordinary Greeks who have been ravaged by austerity.
Since the economic crisis of 2008, there have been 11,000 suicides related to the crash, youth unemployment has gone over 40 per cent and the International Red Cross have had to set up facilities in Athens to administer basic medical supplies.
Our branch of Unison believes it is critical to show support to workers in other countries campaigning against these destructive attacks. We show our solidarity by sending greetings to the ADEDY in Greece and by redoubling our efforts to defend trade union rights, public services, our terms and conditions and to build a strong anti-austerity movement here in the UK as part of a Europe wide movement that puts people and public services before profit.
Email if you wish to send your own message of support.
Coventry Unison


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