Hello and thank you for reading this.

I’m Liz Crowter and my daughter is Heidi.

We would like to ask for your support to help save a really important and valuable Coventry service that works with some of our most vulnerable adults and young people.

TESS (The Employment Support Service) is funded by Coventry City Council. The service has been helping people with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and mental health issues gain and stay in employment for more than 22 years.

Like a lot of disabled people, Heidi wants the same opportunities in life that we all want. To be as independent as possible and be part of the community, having a job and earning her own money is an important part of this. TESS have been instrumental in finding her work experiences and supporting both her and the employer in those experiences. Without TESS she would be unable to fulfil her dream of getting and keeping a valuable job and place in the work force.

Despite vowing to protect the most vulnerable, the Council is planning on closing TESS in December if it can not find the money. TESS is a unique service in Coventry, 100’s of people depend on its support both now and in the future. We cant just sit back and let the Council close this vital service.



Help save employment support for disabled people

Thank You

Richard with his mum Jane

Jane says: “If people like Richard aren’t in work, it’s a false economy because they’d instead claim benefits. TESS helped Richard get a job 15 years ago and without the ongoing support they have provided when there have been changes at work he wouldn’t still be there. Richard’s mixing with people who don’t have learning disabilities. He’s more independent and has learned about money and social interaction. Please help us to save TESS for people like Richard and all the other people out there, who have such a lot to offer given the chance and support”.

How can you help?

  • Please sign our e-petition at -employment-support-service/ and ask your family, friends and others to.

    Please note: once you submit your name on the e-petition you will receive a reply asking you to click on a link to confirm that you are who you say you are, if you don’t do this your signature will not count. Please check your “junk” folder as this is where it often ends up.

  • Would you be willing to help collect signatures for our petition? If you would then please contact me (details below) and I will send you details.
  • Follow us on Facebook and send the link to others who may support us https:// TESS/1628758824033355?fref=ts
  • Write to, call or see your local Councillor and MP and ask them what they are doing to save TESS and protect some of the most vulnerable people in Coventry.

Join the Save TESS Pressure Group Contact Liz Crowter Email: or Call: 07542571427

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