Coventry Unwelcomes the Far Right ‘Infidels’


Over one hundred local residents protested against the Nazi Infidels group in Coventry today. 
The protest was coordinated closely with the Coventry Trade Union Council May Day Rally. Local residents joined in increasing numbers as we explained why we were there and who we were opposing. Passers by thanked us for showing where Coventry people stand. 
Trade unionists, including Unison, young people, anti racist campaigners, local election candidates and pensioners all spoke out in support of Coventry being a city built by people from all backgrounds working together. Many pointed out that the Infidels pose no solutions to the real problems we face. A minutes silence was observed for Daniel Kirkwood and thanks expressed to his family who made a superb statement against the far right to the local paper, despite incredibly difficult circumstances. 
We ensured that we retained our position in Broadgate, right in the centre of town. The Infidels spent most of their time getting drunk in a local pub until they were escorted through the back streets to the near deserted Council House Speakers Corner. Their ‘national’ mobilisation could only muster 30 in support, nearly all old National Front supporters.

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