PRESS RELEASE – Coventry City UNISON Launches campaign against Cuts to Children’s centres and Youth Services


The City Council is considering a budget that proposes to cut finance to Children’s Centres, Youth programmes and Community Centres. City Centre First would see £5,000,000 cut in the next 3 years by “reviewing “ and “rationalising” Council Buildings:

18 Children Centres,
9 Youth Clubs
21 Community Centres

All fall within the focus of the proposal in respect of reduction in services.

The review of Children’s Centres in 2012 saw day care places cut and staffing reduced but remained a key part of the Councils Early Intervention and Prevention strategy to help families in need of extra support. Youth Clubs also experienced reduction in services last year.

UNISON strongly objects to the Councils view that earlier reductions to services were made “without having a fundamental impact on services delivered to the people of Coventry.” Vital sessions ranging from Dads groups, and “talk First” sessions to parenting groups are now at risk. UNISON will work with staff, service users and community groups to lobby the authority who prioritise buildings and businesses over people and services.

George Sands, UNISON convenor for the People Directorate, said

‘It doesn’t make sense to neglect these services, it is short sighted of the Council. I believe that they make a difference to peoples lives’’. The council should see these centres as the assets they are. The loss of these centres will impact upon essential early intervention and prevention, which is not just about focussing on “troubled families”. The impact will not be felt immediately but will have an effect on demand for expensive interventions later in a young person’s life’.

Notes to editors

Contact details: George Sands 024 76521128, 07535526039

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