Coventry TUC Pledges major support for Coventry campaign against Cuts


Following on from what was a good discussion at Coventry TUC regarding the cuts in Coventry, there was a further meeting on Monday night to discuss the role that the TUC can play in any campaign and helping to develop things.

The TUC are convening a meeting (as it did in the wake of July 10th) on Monday 8th December, 7-9 for trade unionists in the city, local campaign groups etc to come together to discuss the situation and work out a way forward (working out details of protests etc). The venue is being booked over next few days so this will confirmed shortly.

TUC will be writing to the press (Observer, Times and Telegraph) to put opposition to the cuts as well as producing a short leaflet in the name of the Trades Council to put the opposition to austerity and also advertised on the Coventry against the Cuts email list

An email will be sent to other Trades Councils asking for any information re social enterprises and campaigns against them. (I said I would see what Unison have produced and forward this on)

Look to attend ward forums and council surgeries to lobby councillors.

Paul Hunt
Asst Branch Secretary
Coventry Unison

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