Update on ER/VR for members in Coventry City Council


UNISON would like to update you regarding our current position on ER/VR and to clarify the reasons for the representations we have made to management, and HR.
It has been our branch priority, set at our members meetings of the 10th September, to ensure that the consultation was a meaningful one and that as part of the process we would fully understand the impact of each redundancy upon the remaining workforce and the services in which they work.

UNISON’s position is supported in employment law (TULCRA1992) and we have a responsibility to ensure that, if the workforce is to be reduced, we do everything we can to support our members, both those who wish to take vr and those who wish to remain in employment. Our view is that as we enter a period of immense change in the workplace, not just limited to er/vr 4, we support our members by ensuring management comply with the law and the authority’s policies and procedures.

Following a number of discussions UNISON is satisfied that management are now prepared to engage meaningfully with us in the process. We are awaiting confirmation that management will facilitate further members meetings for UNISONs members in the coming week.

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