Unison reacts to the announcement of a further 1000 jobs to be slashed



Members of staff will have received emails and heard in the press the latest plan from the Council to slash another 1000 of our jobs.  As we have stated many times, Unison are completely opposed to job losses, attacks on our terms and conditions and cuts to the vital public services that we provide (and use) as citizens of Coventry.

We keep hearing about the so-called economic ‘recovery’.  It may be a recovery for the rich, but where is our recovery? – Councils up and down the Country are still slashing jobs and services used by working people.

It is extremely disappointing that once again our elected Councillors are choosing not to stand up for the people of Coventry, but are choosing to implement the cuts from central government.

As well as the job losses, Unison is extremely concerned that there could be future attacks on terms and conditions and that decimated services would be ripe for either privatisation or complete closure.

We have been contacted by a number of members regarding the ER / VR programme who have questions about what has been communicated by management regarding the so-called ‘50% enhancement’.  

We would hope that management clarify any queries that members may have.

In the meantime, Unison stewards and officers from across the Council will be meeting in the next two weeks to discuss what our response should be as a trade union.  We will be having discussions about how we protest against these appalling cuts.

Please let your local steward know your views on the current situation.  If your area does not have one please consider becoming a Unison rep.

It is very important that we recruit non-members to Unison to enable us to have a stronger voice, so please speak to any colleagues in your workplace who are not members and encourage them to join Unison

Visit www.coventryunison.co.uk for further information.

In Solidarity

Coventry Unison.


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