Say No to Britain First



See below for info on Britain First and their links to the BNP etc.

Britain First came from a split from the equally fascist BNP. A sinister figure behind BF is Jim Dowson, former Bnp funder and longtime extremist. BF are aping the tactics of the EDL, in their aim to capitalise on Islamophobia. Their flash mob demonstrations and proposed ‘tour’ is reminiscent of past, brownshirted, stormtroopers. They are a tiny but provocative mob,.intent on hitting their way into the headlines. Their aims and intentions come amid a corrosive atmosphere of attacks on Muslims. At it’s extreme, such Islamophobia can lead to physical attacks on places of worship, as in Muswell Hill, last year. With many locals, Uaf rallied round to ensure that the community stayed united.
BF’s actions show what depths they will stoop to. Their claims to be on a Christian mission have brought strong criticism from Church leaders. BF are seeking to undermine our multicultural society. Instead of cherishing dialogue and tolerance between different communities, races and faiths, these fascists look to scupper it. Thus, defending Muslims and opposing Islamophobia is essential. Confronting the poison of BF is vital No section of our society should be scapegoated.
Uaf calls for the strongest possible action against such fascists. No Mosque should face a repeat of BF’s threats. Their politics and tactics are in direct opposition to our multiculturaL society. We reject their politics of hate and stand full square with all who BF target.

Visit for further info.






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