Statement from Coventry FBU ref July 10th Strike


Firefighters in England and Wales will join hundreds of thousands of
other public sector workers taking strike action on Thursday 10 July,
the Fire Brigades Union has announced.

The long-running dispute over firefighters’ pensions will see a further
day of strikes at the same time as a walk out by local government
workers, teachers and civil servants over a range of issues, including
attacks on pay and pensions and workloads.

The strike will last between 10am and 7pm and will be the fifteenth in
the FBU’s campaign. The union is also expected to announce further
action later this week.

The FBU has wanted to settle our dispute for a long time, but the
government at Westminster is simply not listening.

We are therefore proud to take strike action alongside our colleagues
in other unions on 10 July.

The fact that this government has united so many workers to take strike
action against them is a testament to the failure of their policies.

They are destroying our public services and wrecking the lives of

If they won’t listen and won’t negotiate then this is the result — and
they should face more of the same if necessary.



BREAKING: FBU calls FIFTEEN short duration strikes between 14-21 July
in a serious escalation of pensions dispute. More to follow.

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