Message to Coventry Unison Members – Why you need to vote ‘Yes’ in the Ballot


Why you need to vote ‘YES’ in the ballot

– Your pay is frozen while prices are going up all the time. This means a real-terms pay cut over the last 4 years of 16%

– You have less money to spend and may be struggling to make ends meet. Reliance on high interest loans and credit cards are putting pressure on workers families who are having to rely on welfare handouts

– You are doing more work for less money with more stress. This will continue unless we make a stand

– The number of working people using food banks in our City is a disgrace. Years of pay cuts are adding to the numbers

– Public services are being closed or cut. As waiting times increase the quality of the service falls. These are the services we all use so its vital we fight to protect them!

Your questions and answers about the ballot

Does voting ‘YES’ mean we immediately go on strike..?

No. A huge ‘YES’ vote will give our negotiators greater power to secure a fair and decent pay rise. Local government employers have treated our service area as the whipping boys for this   governments austerity policies while slashing the services that working people and the most vulnerable require for a dignified existence. We need to use the right to strike if the   employers continue to make us pay for financial crisis that local government workers had nothing to do with. Forcing our members into poverty is not the answer.

The government says there is ‘no money’ to pay more than 1%. Why are they wrong?

There is money for a pay rise, but the government chooses not to pay it. Councils across the country have increased their reserves to a staggering £19 billion and MP’s have just been awarded a pay increase of over 11%. A deficit   busting £100 billion in tax remains ignored by the government which could stop the cuts programme in its tracks.   Finally, the gap between the income of the top 10% and the bottom 10% has multiplied 14 times in the last 25 years. Still think there’s ‘no money’..?

What can I do to help the campaign? -Firstly, ask any non-members to join UNISON. Secondly, get involved yourself! – Become a rep in your workplace—or help us get the message out that local government workers deserve a fair and decent pay rise for the hard work they do. Get in contact with us if you would like a chat about what’s involved.

Please download our flyer here, put it on your notice board and distribute it to your workmates – Pay14-news update

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