Trade unions protest about More Cuts at Coventry City Council


Coventry District Unison were part of a protest lobby organised outside the recent Cabinet meeting against a pre budget report that will now be discussed at full Council in February. The report includes a further £43 million of cuts, on top of those already announced.

The protest which was organised by Coventry TUC  was also supported by the teacher’s union NUT,  the University and College Union, postal worker’s from the Communication Workers Union and activists from Coventry Against the Bedroom Tax, who wanted to show solidarity with council workers. Members of the firefighter’s union FBU, who are currently taking strike action to defend pensions also publicly expressed support.

Though the lobby was called at short notice it was covered in the Coventry Telegraph.

Richard Harty, Unison corporate rep said

‘Coventry, like many cities during the war suffered greatly. Yet in 1948 a new Social Contract with the people of Britain was agreed at a time when we had huge debts. Yet we rebuilt our country with new homes, schools and the NHS. Why can’t we invest again instead of going back in time?


We want to lobby the Government with the Council for more money from Central Government.


These cuts will inflict even more misery on the people of Coventry, both for the workforce and the people of our city that use our services’.

Unison remains resolutely opposed to all cuts and we would encourage non members to join Unison and get involved. Unison will keep members informed in the New Year about what the Council is planning, how it will affect us all and what we can do about it, including a major protest outside the full Council meeting in February.


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